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Arriving on Fano

What a journey and what fabulous place to be heading for ,I am now on the ferry and women are here knitting beautiful intricate pieces of knitting as they head for the island where 6000 are expected and we have 1100 booked on lessons of all descriptions .

I am feeling very pensive but excited as the boat leaves Esjberg and approaches the island .










Nigel opened the door to our lovely cottage and the welcome note on the door said it all.We attended fabulous fashion show with the clothes from DUODO which were lovely machine knitted pieces very funky but elegant


A lovely snack and off to bed to be bright and early tomorrow for my class.


2 Replies to “Arriving on Fano”

  1. Dear Chrissie,

    Thanks so much for taking us along on your travels through your wonderful photographs. I always enjoy them. Great picture of you, too.

    Have a fantastic week.


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