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Sunday, May 18, 2008, 11:31 AM CST [General]


Oh boy I spent all  morning whilst lunch cooked sorting silks and skeins and my studio mess–of course there were beads to put away so that was it wasn’t it,lunch eaten coffee drunk siesta enjoyed and then off to see the beads and rehouse them which meant having them all out  –haha

So I have enjoyed myself enormously and I have to admit just seeing and playing with beads in mind I have really beeen inspired and I have done all the cute beading ,straight beading, crazy beading, wire work, and wire and beads,

Shapes, geometric shapes that is where I am going now so sketch book out beed charts out coloured pens and allready being fired up I have 4 good designs to get going with .Next week is Chelsea in the Uk and although not attending this year I shall bead in the mornings and watch Chelsea pm and sketch as i watch,

I then sadly have a funeral on Friday yet pleasing I will see my 2 children -then it is holiday time

Well back to beading just made a dozen or so beading needles up, to buy them is so expensive, i make my own with collapsible heads –I have aslo decided to work in matte colours for a while and have place together a huge array of pastel matte size 11’s inspiration will be maths and chelsea for the colours

 happy beading all this week


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