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Classes for Autumn 2010 UK (via Chrissie Day Knitting Notetime)

 Classes for Autumn 2010 UK Come to classes in a beautiful middle England country pub with restaurant,and lovely garden,easy parking . Indulge your love of yarn and indulge in a beautiful restaurant lunch, included in your class cost. Small class sizes will ensure maximum teaching to all . Classes commence Autumn 2010. The Plough,Normanton on the Wolds,Nottingham NG12 5NN FALL 2010 KNITTING CLASSES WITH LOCAL KNITTING DESIGNER AND AUTHOR CHRISSIE DAY Chrissie, author of 7 b … Read More

via Chrissie Day Knitting Notetime

One Reply to “Classes for Autumn 2010 UK (via Chrissie Day Knitting Notetime)”

  1. Hello Chrissie,

    I have just returned from holiday and realised we changed our email address just before going away.
    If you have sent any details to our previous address I haven’t received them so could I be a nuisance and ask you to re-send to handjaf@virginmedia.com

    Many thanks,


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