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Olymic Progress going for bronze

My goodness my needles are on fire doing this piece –so busy going quickly i stitched it u wrong and it took me 2 hours to undo my minute stitches

so 1 sleeve done

1upperback done

1left front half done with band attached

no time tonight for piccies will post these tomorrow –cannot hold my camera steady tonight i am so excited my beloved daughter Emma and her boyfriend  have got engaged whilst away on holiday.The news was a surprise but a very happy one and suddenly this year my family has doubled as both James and Emma are engaged. Does it make me feel older? no way it has revitalised me and the future will tell which set get married first .

So back to shaky hand mama i may geta bronze but not a gold i feel or silver.

happy knitting happy olympics and to Paula Radcliffe if she sees this ‘ I felt proud of her as she ran and gave it her all good on you Paula you are one gutsy lady.’

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