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reading blogs

While I have been unwell I have been doing lots of reading and blog reading.There is a saying that there is nothing new in this world and it tickled me to lern tht the Stephanie Pearl  McPhee is teaching a ‘new’ way to do SSK.

Now in design writing I AWAYS USED TO WRITE K2tog tbl which as we know means knit 2together through back of loop.When pattern writing got updated we had to put in the American way which was SSK slip slip knit 2together .Stephanie is now teaching in her speed knitting class slip1keep going through back of 2nd stitch and then knit both together through back of loop—-ugh wasn’t that what we have always done here in the UK
Another thing of interest is ‘lever’ knitting now this where you hold 1 needle still, remember the little girls who knit in the shetland knitting cottages and the knitting ladies of Dent who fastened 1 needle to themselves via a little pouch around their waist.So nothing new just the wheel reinvented

2 Replies to “reading blogs”

  1. Chrissie, would love some ideas. I just finished 4 pieces of nuno felt before heading to Egypt, and now would like some ideas for a “jackety-shirty” type pattern for someone who doesn’t want to draw attention to her bottom. Any ideas to share for patterns? Love to hear.
    Love the colors you come up with. Wish that I could do half the work you do. Hope the shoulder is getting better. Cameron

  2. Cameron
    try Marcy Tilton patterns over there in the states she has fabulous stuff –good luck

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