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Saying Au Revoir 

What should we say, what do we do when yet another friend leaves the party early.
Glynnis was an incredible workaholic lady who transformed furniture from the past into beautiful new restored items. Her work ethics were exemplary and I valued our friendship as soon as we met kindred spirits loving all things wool and good design.
We had plans for showcasing our talents together marrying tweed with knitting and knitting with felting and wool and velvets .
Life makes us busy, all of us and as we chatted and planned our lives got busier,grandchildren then more grandchildren,clients studio  housekeeping they all took time.
We planned our photo shoot out and venue high up in the hills sheep in the picture the dark tops of our hills etc etc.
Just before the first bank holiday this month I saw her and was upset she looked  
so ill and I know she was hurting so insisted she saw a doctor. 3 days later she is in hospital 3 weeks later she has died riddled with cancer and no strength to fight. 
She will be livid,
I can hear her now,so my dear  friend I hope you make chairs for angels, that the heavens give you imagination to fire your talents and the next time my skies sing with colour and noise I know it will be you.
Rest well I miss you so much. And oh yes as she left us all I was sewing when my trusty machine started playing up ( it never does). Thread got blocked,my needles broke, the thread tangled,it was ridiculous it was 12.55 and my hubby wanted lunch at 1. 
I then am told by Steve she died at 12.55 — I should have realised.
The music  playing in my head is Goodbye by Lionel Richie so let the heavenly orchestra play at the new Angel to arrive. 

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