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Some British Weather

So I needed a break, a short holiday–so where better than my chapel in the hills.It rained on day 1 and day2 day 3 and 4 were the same and now on day 6 it is horrendous horizontal rain and meanwhile I hear on the radio how London basks in temperatures of 30 degrees—what acrazy country we live in .Hay summer and here is so beautiful views from my windows and the reason I am here.

view from my window
view from my window

the first thing I saw this morning from my bed.Then whilst having breakfast and looking up the valley

the viiew as I had breakfast
the view as I had breakfast.
Then looking towards the start of my garden here and the lovely Rowan trees which are very full of berries

My Rowan Trees
My Rowan Trees

And then  a nice picture of the grasses blowing in the wind if onky we had the sun as well oh well !!!!! dream on  

Grasses blow in the wind
Grasses blow in the wind

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