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What a philosophy

I have to write about this because it says it all

from Numma numma 

our philosophy we believe there is no such thing as,

having too much yarn.

we believe knitting is not just a hobby.

we believe hand-knits heal the soul.

we believe EZ was one witty broad.

we believe in being honest.

 we believe orange never goes out of style.

we believe quality is always fashionable.

we believe good design is timeless.

we believe in not taking yourself too seriously.

we believe in well worn jeans, a crisp white shirt and hand-knit socks.

we believe chocolate is a food group.

we believe in doing cartwheels, regardless of age.

we believe in dreams.

we believe in creativity.

we believe in fun.

Today I visited a yarn site called http://www.numma-numma.com and I wholeheartedly take on board this phoilosophy ,they have got it all in there ,

Yarngasmic —new word for  appreciating the deep feelings that  just looking,touching,dreaming about those hanks or balls of wool  manage to invoke. These passions now have this new name so let me know which yarn you feel gives the feeling of yarngasmic .

Tracey at http://www.pebble-cottage.com thank you for your hospitality a good nights sleep and a marvellous breakfast .

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