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When The Sunshine Goes

Today is a very very sad day for me, my friend Kath of nearly 30 years is dying and just after I sat down to watch the x factor last nuight she took a turn for  the worse and started her journey.I chased to the ward and managed to have some time with her whilst she could talk.I cannot say ‘goodbye ‘ as it hurts too much and I have to believe she will still be with me every day, she is more than a sister,friend,soulmate,I love the very essence of her and we have been through life’s adventures together.She has been a second mum to my children and they too love her.Today I have been very qiuet and looked at the weather and the birds and the trees and relived our times in my head. So goodnight my dear friend, come and visit me often, let us laugh again at the absurdities in living, dream of what will be,find calmness and stillness in the silly world and I pray for your safe passage .

So for now I feel I have lost everything I will not be posting for a while until my mojo is back and my heart not so heavy,enjoy your families this Christmas and your friends and never take’ forever’ for granted.

Chrissie     x

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