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Yarns this Autumn

Well I have given up waiting for sun and my brain is thinking winter yarns .I have been doing a bit of consumer shopping at various yarn shops and web sites.

I have the best yarn store in Nottingham on my door step and just love going there to chat, browse, bitch about yarns, and yarn companies sometimes so call into Threads in KEYWORTH Shiela knows more about yarn and what is out there than anyone else I know .The shop is a proper haberdashery selling it all –fantastic .

The choice is great and the service at the web based businesses is also very good –Susan at Loop really wowed me by ringing me about a yarn I had chosen and giving me an alternative colour choice –impressive .Great collection of yarn from a good variety of locations .Beautiful silk I did succumb to   Tilli Thomas frayed silk which is going take me through my emergency evening bits this season—cuffs, fancy tabard,knitted silk bag etc

choices for winter trims
choices for winter trims

the Habu yarns got to me and were a treat for me to add to the  plainer yarns including my feather yarn from Habu .I will add some piccies for you .some beautiful mohair one with nylon giving me 500yrds the other with silk giving me 55yrds .hmmmm .

Lovely green in this mohair
Lovely green in this mohair

Purple in all its royal regal richness is very big this year but make sure before you knit a whole garment in this colour that it actaully suits you . I f not just edge your colour choice with a mixture of purple, reds ,teals  deep sea blues.

New buttons remember on favourite tops can be altered to bring it right up to date –So from A-Z there is a yarn out there for you and if you do not have a knitting store near you get on the web, —go to the knitting shows, say hello if you spot me anywhere.

 Right now we are trying  to sell our gorgeous Georgian cottage through Richard Watkinson Nottingham but my goodness nobody is going anywhere are they ,so guess I will not be either just yet .The place now is too big for us and we would rather have  a smaller lace .My books have grown well .I fell for some Manos del Uruguay merino and silk to knit a geometric based design boxy jacket as my olympic piece in the knitalong –the colours remind me of allsorts but I love it .

manos merino and silk beautiful to knit
manos merino and silk beautiful to knit

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