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A very Busy January

What a beautiful stunning month we have had weatherwise.Snow totally transforms my world and it lasts a long time [wpvideo JVkZsj03 ]
So the bright lights the reflecting snow brings are exciting at this time of year. Now I have Granddaughters the magic of Christmas and snow take on a magical time and invoke memories of my own childhood and the wonder I always felt with snow falling.
Once it is over though and January starts with deadlines and short days and we try not to hibernate but January schedules drag us back into real time.
I was thrilled at the end of 2017 to be asked to design for ITO yarns and it has been an exciting time knitting swatches developing stitch ideas and shape.
Commissions for Jackets are progressing and I am on track developing new silk designs for these.
Bags are changing ever so slightly but still my lovely Carpet Bag style although I am not teaching this anymore.
Another change at the end of 2017 was the opportunity to place my work for sale in The MaltHouse Emporium in Tewkesbury.
Knitting Kits are being added to especially kits for beginners ‘Starter Kits’ are appearing in the shop as they are designed.

The cowl in this picture has been trending this month and is nearly sold out.
Nothing happening in the garden bar survival right now but I long for signs of Spring to emerge. February will be cold,it always is but I will dream of my Easter break to Malta.
Two Granddaughters having birthdays as I return and we loose our little baby as she reaches the milestone of 1 year old. Time is going so fast.
A new range of ItsyDitsy pieces are almost ready to be seen and it has been rewarding designing these.
Watch the shop.

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