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Always a Surprise


I bought for £1 a very sad leggy wilting rhododendron about 10 years ago as I felt sorry for the neglect that had happened.

I found the perfect spot just under my favourite tree the Grandpa in my garden a stunning beech tree planted from my old garden just as we bought this place – long before it was even habitable.

It’s gone through the seasons just growing stronger and quite happy with lovely leaf growth. A few weeks ago I looked out of my bathroom window up the shingle path past the log store towards the Beech and there above the edging railway sleeper this glorious bloom was just unfolding.

Welcome flower welcome,

She is stunning her marking so beautiful and I have 3 blooms getting prettier day by day.

Nature amazes me daily but this was one big surprise and I love the markings on this rhododendron whose name I do not know but to me she is Surprise. Thank you m

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