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And the Hols are nearly over

xmas1James and Katie were home for the hols captured  here being affectionate –a good sign before Santa comes .Emma made it home on Christmas Eve after working all day and that was a bonus for us all.Carol service at 6.00pm saw us all singing heartily and supporting Nigel playing the organ –the church was packed and lots of very excited children .The tree was beautiful but I did think my tree was better  
My beautiful Christmas Tree
My beautiful Christmas Tree

I buy decorations for my tree on my travels 1 for each child in each year, so over the years I have a lot of memories to hang, and now with Kev and Katie joining the family there are more memories to add each year.

 Katie and James Katie and James again, this time Katie wearing her new top a pressie from Emma .Kev not with us at home this year but in our thoughts all the time and now on 28th December a qiuet house as all have departed with work looming .Nigel and I will be going North to celebrate New Year and the one wish I have for all is health and peace .With a wedding to look forward to in May and having my brother and sister around from far off shores there is a good year to look forward to and oh yes last but not least hello to Miss Evelyn Isabella Laughlin born Christmas Eve and making me  a Great Aunt —awesome and so cool .

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