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been busy

Sorry have not blogged for about a fortnight now life has been hectic.Recovering from surgery .

Caught sight of my DH niping out the other evening just as the evening chill was coming and now Autumn is really here and he does need a new sweater,so must make this my next mission and I think I am goiing to knit a Tod Gocken pattern I saw on Ravelry ages ago and really liked  –so watch this space .Need a really beautiflul Aran weight yarn. 

New kits are out and doing well if you are  having a problem getting one email me and I will sort it out –seems to be small footed men in the south and large in the North .

Neede some steady mindless knitting whilst I recovered so decided to finish my new clapotis knit in Eva colourAmulet by Posh Yarn –I LOVE this yarn and these colours wish it was long enough to wear whilst I knit it. hahaha 

Disappearing now for a while to my chapel in the hills play with my knitting machine and plant some trees.

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