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Christmas time and Family

Ok so now it is the day after Boxing Day and the family are now leaving after a fablous 3 days together,it is ashame it was so short but again a blessing it was so long.I have laughed,had fun ,listened to more serious issues discussed by the younger generation, learnt a lot but most importantly had a blanket of love wrapped around me which will see me through to the time I hold them all again in my arms.May life treat them well in the meantime and may they be safe where they venture and in what they do,my Christmas has been beautiful, not only was it white but it snowed as well so sledging was enjoyed and a few snowballs were made.I missed my friend but do feel maybe she sorted my perfect white Christmas high up here in the hills of Teasdale in my chapel.  Back to work now and felting design packs to rint out to go into my etsy shop

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