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Classes for Autumn 2010 /2011

February Class 15th February 2011

How to shape a shawl

Learn the techniques behind the many differing shapes,produce samples

A good fun day

Come to classes in a beautiful middle England country pub with restaurant,and lovely garden,easy parking .

Indulge your love of yarn and indulge in a beautiful restaurant lunch, included in your class cost.

Small class sizes will ensure maximum teaching to all .

Classes commence Autumn 2010.
The Plough,Normanton on the Wolds,Nottingham NG12 5NN

FALL 2010


Chrissie, author of 7 books is giving Autumn knitting classes in the UK


@The Plough Normanton on The Wolds

Nottingham NG12 5NN

Beautiful restaurant lunch included in the class fee

And all day tea /coffee available incl.
£45.00 per person per class

discount for more than 1 class booked

Enrolment contact chrissieday@gmail.com


Class times

Tuesday 7th September


Lace learn the 8 basic constructional techniques for shaping shawls/scarves

Learn 4 edgings which can be applied to any shape

Learn the importance of y/o placement

Tuesday  14th September


Learn the new techniques of knitting socks with straight needles designed by Chrissie Day

Knit a mini sock in class to learn techniques, take home a choice of adult size pattern from a selection of 12 in the range

Tuesday  21st September


Learn to make gloves with fingers without fingers,or partial fingers knit up, knit down, we will do them all.Learn to knit a thumb gusset and join fingers .

Learn 2 colour knitting yarn placement and weaving techniques,twined Norwegian knitting.

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10 

Tuesday 5th October

Hats or collars

Hats are easy to knit and make unique, learn this basic hat (knit in the round) and master circular dpn’s basic pattern reading ,choose a striped or solid hat or stop at cowl/collar level

Learn estonian twined knitting for the edging braid

SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyond

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10

Tuesday 12th October

Fit Right

A knitter who uses her time to make her own clothes should be pleased with the result and proud to wear the piece.

It should fit, it should flatter, as expected.

Too often, this is not what happens. Why? Because the knitter chooses the wrong pattern OR chooses the right pattern but follows the directions without questioning them and believes the designer has made it perfect for them and their body shape.

There are a few simple rules to follow for successful knitting: start with styles that flatter you ,knit making correct decisions for a personalized fit, This workshop covers all these decisions,and shows you how to work out your shape to flatter,and alter patterns correctly.

SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyond

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10

Tuesday 19th October

Cables and Drops

When to twist when to drop learn when to place these 2 techniques to deliver beautiful effects and customise your work,plus how to read a cable chart.

SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyond

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10

Tuesday 26th October

Cast ons and when to use

Channel island,Estonian,German etc ;

Learn the beauty of using the correct cast on for the desired effect plus 4 cast offs and bind offs

SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyond

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10

Tuesday 2nd November


Patch, inside slit, slot,

how to achieve these even after your garment is made

SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyond

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10

Tuesday 9th November

Cost £120.00

Geometric Jacket top

Knit in beautiful yarns piece by piece geometrically

Each week we will tackle more of the unique shapes to construct this top

SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyond  6 students only

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10

Tuesday 14th December
Miniature Gansey

Learn the characteristics of knitting a classic Gansey.

In class you will will knit a miniature total sweater covering

Split welt knitting,norwegian ‘o’ border with twined knitting ,classic design on front,artificial seams, underarm gusset,circular sleeves,shaped saddle shoulder,vertical patterning,perpendicular shoulder seaming,neck gussets

Will also be given the pattern for full size garment .

SKILL LEVEL beginner intermediate and beyondLoading…

ENROLLMENT minimum 6 maximum 10

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