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Day 2 #bloganuary

Today’s Prompt: What is a road trip you would love to take?

I want to redo a trip we did in2016 but actually take twice as long to do it and wander off route occasionally

A three week round trip to France. Via the tunnel, our first night stop was near to Giverny. Sadly, the queues to view Monet’s garden were too long, so we plan a return when we have more time. We arrived in Cazals to stay with Chrissie’s sister, the timing coinciding with both the Bastille celebrations (a boat trip to see the fireworks on the Lot at Cahors) and the Cahors Blues Festival. The American Sugaray Rayford was the highlight of the evening, starting at 11pm and still going strong at 1am. Both Cahors events were spectacular, although subdued following the Nice terror attack. Then we travelled to Carcassonne to stay with our Dutch friends Charity and Nol. Whilst there we took a day trip to Girona in northern Spain. Our return journey home then started via a circuitous route through the Pyrenees, following classic Tour de France mountain roads. The weather (as for whole holiday) was warm, dry and sunny, and the views breathtaking. Some of the roads are rather steep and narrow, and the balcony roads are not for those of a nervous disposition (as Chrissie is, but she did manage to open her eyes, fearing it may be her last view). Having left the Pyrenees, we entered French Basque country, another area of great beauty. We had one memorable meal overlooking the square of a small village whilst watching the traditional Basque game of Pelota, a version of open-air squash with the balls flying at considerable speed. Whilst in the area we spent a day visiting San Sebastian in Spain. A lovely city, again, worthy of spending more time exploring. From there we travelled up the Atlantic coast, staying a night near to the famous vineyards of St Emilion. Here, Chrissie just wanted to buy a house and stay. Travelling further north we reached Brittany and our return ferry from Roscoff to Plymouth, we finally returned home 2800 miles of travelling made for a very enjoyable holiday.


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