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03alpa.gifcan you imagine what is being said here ‘they do what to us’!

 Well hope everyone had a good break and if knitting time did not happen then maybe you read some of the new books that are out .

My toe is broken at the moment so trekking off to the hills was not on this holiday so I did have some time to read the new books and to just gaze at some of the new wools out, the colours this summer are fantastic .

a friend sent me some fabulous bamboo and cotton yarn which is temperature regulating and the colours just made me think of ice cream so  be a great summer choice for everyone –will fill you in soon with brand etc.

‘design on textiles ‘ here is one of mine 2nd-image-3rd-alteration-do.jpg could look good knitted. Actually managed to catch up with Liz which was nice..

I have made some lovely friends on Ravelry the amount of knitters around the world amaze me .

2 Replies to “Easter”

  1. I can’t wait to hear more about the gallery piece—- that sounds so exciting to me! Kudos!

    Hope the tootsies are soon better as well.

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