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Family stuff

hugsThe week started by posting new pattern for mens slippers called Hugs in my etsy shop and on Ravelry

These are great for that man in your life and very hard wearing having a leather sole attached .

What a busy week I have had started by teaching on Monday at Viking Loom in York where I teach just twice ayear and would not miss it for the world it is always great fun.

From there I travelled by train on my own yes on my own to Durham to stay with my son and his fiancee Katie.After a great supper my little body needed sleeep so off to bed early then up early really early like 7.30am  and into commuter traffic I so do not miss things like this .I had a good nosey around the shops in Durham, could not find a wool shop shame on you Durham with all those students who must long to knit –NO shop. 

I attended a concert at St Chads college by choir members and really enjoyed it, the 1st piece an Annie Lennox number was lovely and the guy singing last,very good  loved his song Simple Me,it was inspiring to see these youngsters (well to me they are)and the atmosphere in the college chapel was really positive and good —nice to connect to old friends as well who I had not seen for a while .

So off to lunch then Katie had an awards evening at New College in the evening where the staff were very complimentary and hospitable with a smashing buffet –everyone had agood time and we departed off to Bistro 21 which was very very good and I will go there again when I am up North.

Wednesday and for the 3rd time this week I see 7.30am this must stop and not become a habit ,had a nice day,went to the 2minute silence in the Cathedral had coffee with James , then all too soon it is time to leave for the station and the grand wave off, I hate goodbyes especially when one of my children are involved it cuts me up too much.Uneventful journey home where the my DH met me and took me home .

James and Katies wedding plans are progressing and in 5months they will be married, yet to me it only seems a blink away since he was born .

The wedding setting is awesome really, in the Cathedral, just hope the dress does it justice.Well here’s to a qiuet week knitting, sewing, walking and getting ready for Christmas and hopefully spending time with the family .

 PS anyone reading my blog who has a circular sock knitting machine for sale please get in touch–cheers

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time, despite the early starts! Very jealous that you got to visit the Viking Loom in my home town. It is such a lovely shop with friendly staff. I may have to persuade the OH that when we do the Christmas present run that we can manage a dash into town for just a little poke around the shop, not that it is possible to “dash” into York centre the traffic is appalling!

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