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felted slippers

Oh sometimes I wish I had never knit any felted shoes,slippers, shoes, etc the hunt is on again and it always shows in the stats the trawl for my patterns all over . Patterns which are free are on the download pages here and in Ravelry and those which I charge for are available through the proper channels and stores which stock me .I now have a fabulous American editor to do all the pattern checking and writing which also helps with copyright and documentation needed.

It is enough to put you off knitting but every designer goes through this I hear, so I persevere and try to stay optimistic. well to a more cheerful note I have just finished all the felting tests on a brilliant felting yarn more to come on this –it really is worth looking hard for the best yarn that will not lose its colour as you machine boil your knit to felt projects ,and will not pill up and ruin your knit effects .

  I find Louet loses colour as does the ‘Knit 4 fun’ yarn –this used to be good as I used it in my first felting book not happy now with the colour tests .   Oh bring back Maya .

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