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Goodbye August and Summer 

Yes hello Autumn,the days of summer are ending,the leaves are on the turn and the Autumnal flowers are showing off now as the last of my sweet peas and my everlasting sweet pea fade away.
The garden produce has been great and just today eating broad beans sweet from the pod with my tiny 2 year old granddaughter Hester proved great fun.
Teaching Autumnal leaf art arrangements to my 3 year old Grandaughter, her pieces were so well thought out, I was impressed.
Plus we had a great time. Seeing her face as we viewed flamingoes and talked to ducks and geese on a lovely late Summer trip out was another summer highlight.Choosing her own dress to wear that day not knowing we would be seeing flamingoes amazed her when we saw them and she realised. 

So much to look forward to Blackberry days,leaf clearing,ecoprinting the silkjersey cowls which sell well as Christmas gifts,bonfire night and then Winter. 

Watch out for this colour combination in my Winter work,nature never gets it wrong. 
So Goodbye August — it has been great.

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