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Hello again

Well survived the move and it has taken me so long to get straight I never believed I would,but today was my first excursion into the yarn world for ages so off to London to meet the craft cruisers who had travelled from America on the Queen Mary and I was honoured to meet them all along with Erika Knight at I KNIT.We had a lovely few hours together with a superb quintessential English buffet tea courtesy of Gerard and Craig and organised by Vanessa (thank you so much it was LOVELY )and then time to say ‘au revoir’ but I am sure I will hear from many of them again.Pictures to come tomorrow.Sorry yes I did buy yarn !!!!!

2 Replies to “Hello again”

  1. I was up in York at the weekend and popped into The Viking Loom. It was my first time in the shop and got chatting to one of the staff. I spotted one of your books and was chatting about felting and how much I enjoyed your patterns. During our conversation I mentioned coming across you on Ravelry and this blog. I think by the end of the conversation she was sure I was some sort of creepy stalker type fan of yours, because I mentioned your house move LOL.

    The Viking Loom is a great shop, but they obviously don’t realise how much information is available to the crafting community, via the wonders of the internet!

    Glad your move went ok, and enjoy your trips to my home town of York.

  2. Hi nice to hear from you,yes everything went fine and am now just getting myself organised (chrissie way) hope you are well and crafting lots.I am going to do some more knit to felt in the next month to download from my site so will email you when they go up or do you have one of these advance notice thingymajigs so you get emailed when I post to my blog?
    Take care of yourself

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