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I know

I do watch ‘Britain has got talent ‘ and after today I know what Simon Cowell feels like when he sees real talent. Today I have been priveleged to spend the day with a group of very dedicated talented creative ladies who take yarn and fibre craft to better heights and make me really want to stay in this world even when I get disillusioned. Where was I ? I was a guest of Janet over at the Threshing Barn http:www.threshingbarn.com and we had fun and learnt new things .

What did I learn ?–I learnt an important lesson that outside of the world of publishers and magazine editors the crafter is there ,the honest crafter who just wants to share and learn  and grow, they inspired me with the skills they had and the passion for fibre.

The whole shop is a wonder world of products for your chosen craft, samples galore to inspire you to try them, and a book selection better than Waterstones craft section.  

Janet is passionate, hard working and so generous with knowledge that if you live in England and do not go there at least once a year you are missing out big time .

I hope I go back, it will be a privelege to teach there again, I will be back to shop and buy some of the fibres and silks that Janet dyes, the yarn she cards and spins, and maybe I will get to see a 1 minute old chick again  which was awesome .

So I was so happy coming home and Lent is over so went to Ikea and bought some Dime bars which I love, along with a host of other bits I obviously feel I cannot live without including the best peeler in the world .

My darling husband cooked my dinner for me and rounded off a perfect day which started with me seeing my daughter and son in law to be before I left home and ended with a good meal and my blog —‘Goodnight crafters wherever you are, ‘Threshing Barn Ladies thank you.

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