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Keeping resolutions

Hi well this is me being very good but no piccies as something has died in my camera -will get the Dr to look at iti when he arrives home.

Very good this morning Been doing some surfing looking at other sites and as I am a snow freak the piccies on this site made me green with envy—think I live in the wrong country.So come on you lucky knitters who have snow either link with my site or at least send me some snow pictures to go with my sock knitting.

Also today tried crocheting with Noro Daria which reminds me of the bourdon gimp we used to be able to get anywhere.The colours of the Daria are lovelyand I know Pavi Yarns will be stocking it.

 I am fascinated with the number of workshops, lessons at trade fairs, get togethers in yarn shops that happen in America compared to the Uk.I know we try hard but it does not seem to hold the same priority here.Well going to download a new book to the ipod and get stuck in to the latest project ,trying to use some of my stash as the new year always brings new yarns. I promise piccies as soon as the Dr fixes things.

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