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Knitting and innovations

It has  been a while since my last post and this is simply down to me. Liz a great friend of mine and very talented artist has started blogging this past week and I am so pleased for everybody out there in cyber land because for you all there will be some treats in store, as she shares her knowledge and creativity with you . Liz is the artist responsible for the beautiful square beads in my jewelry. It is an amazing material and with Liz it is a perfect partnership so go visit her at http://rarebird.wordpress.com and follow her links to a great web site and now an etsy shop where us lucky folk can buy a great piece which will be unique .Combining this medium with felt and knitting (making your own zipper trims, or buttons etc) making jewelry ,introducing handmade cards into your arena are all more ways to delve further and push the boundaries of ones own creative forces.

I would love to do an art piece using knitting and FP together .Watch this space .

I will not be going far for a while as I have broken my toe –yes my toe! how stupid is that .Let me tell you though I do have a high pain threshold but this ‘hurts’ and makes me feel sorry for myself do not even feel like knitting –now that is bad .

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  1. Hi Chrissie,

    I think I ought to employ you as my PR person, you do a great job! You know I am a fan of your knitting, in fact you are responsible for getting me knitting again. OK, I do HAVE to felt it afterwards as I am terrible about dropping stitches. You are so right about Friendly Plastic an Knitting together, it has loads of possibilities- from simple buttons and closures to beads, handles, frames, and of course my Oooze technique. See you soon

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