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Knitting from the Top Down

I am knitting  for my son in law Kev and to be honest when you are knitting for someone who is along wayaway your measuring has to be exact.

To do all that knitting and then find the shoulders or neck are not correct is a pain so I have decided to do a master garment for him using measurements translated by knitting gauge of my chosen yarn .

I aim to knit this test piece so he can pull it on and it will just go to beneath the armholes–the rest is easy to get correct.

Slightly like doing a seamless gansey I started with my shoulder plackets and then seamed these with kitchener stitch added on for the neck (using my measurements).I knit afew rows then have finished off the neck line with a reverse stockingstitch roll which I like .

back and front left hand shoulder seamed with kitchener.

showing the neckline started and the left hand side shoulder

another view of the neckline and shoulders

excuse my kitchen worktop seems there is no space anywhere at the moment–hmm.

I am using a lovely wool by Jojoland from Webs to do this in colour Y14 which is cheery but male.

I was knitting with my new Knitpicks until the 3.25 broke in half NEVER HAD A NEEDLE BREAK ON ME BEFORE,this has than annoyed me as getting Knitpicks goods to the UK is a nuisance in itself

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