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Knitting Road Trip 

It’s that time of year again and the song ‘September Mornings’ runs through my mind as I pack wool and patterns, class pieces, samples, notes, freebies etc and head to the boat. Overnight across the North Sea will see me having breakfast in The Netherlands and first stop The Hague for an overnight stay and to meet my first foreign stockist Cooke &Woods and deliver her Harwood Heritage yarn in person, more on this later.
Travelling through Europe and up into Scandinavia always excites me  and the ‘me’ time a long road trip gives me. Thinking time, swatching time, thoughts on the future and what awaits us all as a family group and the changes we will see and experience. 
Arriving on Fano for the best knitting event in the world is an awesome ferry trip from Esjberg and only takes 20 minutes but it takes you to a beautiful island very much in 2016 but withholding the values of the past……

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