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Lace AND Lace AND More Lace

lace has been a prominent feature this week



Lace Knitting and Yummy Woolswell what a week, joined a KAL on knitting through the EZ Almanac for the year and you guessed it we have started with the lace shawl which is beautiful. Suddenly my life is full of lace knitting and rain ,we have had so much, I feel as if I have rising damp and the rust.There are loads of knitters ploughing through their chosen tasks and the camarederie is great ,some of of are hot some cold some wet the international weather reports lighten my day.

Thank goodness Addi seemed to realise what we would all be doing and I have been road testing the new lace circulars —-verdict fantastic so treated myself to quite a few pairs.

So to choosing the yarn to knit with I was spoilt but settled down with a Kaalund yarn Expressions colour Poinsetta (but it makes me think of summer pudding —–always food always food )which I adore and sadly is no longer available so if anyone is de -stashing and has Expressions email me first please. I do have another favourite and that is cashwool from http://www.Paviyarns.co.uk the colours are sublime .3rd favourite is handmaiden silks from http://www.getknitted.com  the colours are fab and texture beautiful.

Also this week took delivery of some hand dyed had spun silk from Theo and believe me that is knitting heaven only not fine enough for a lace shawl.

Books this week have been a new reference book on Historical Fashion and of course my EZ Almanac,so  wish I had met this lady she cracks me up and was obviously a great knitter .

Well heard it is going to rain until September so not amused at all by this news as i do like this body to dry out once a year.

more yarn news is the natural dyed shetland chunky from knit global available from Pavi and the colours are great walnut and tea being my favourites. Also have some of their cashmere and its mine and its going round my neck and I am not knitting this for anyone but me it is beautiful.

been busy getting my patterns sorted and printed nicely so that I can sell on line which will be good.

well last night downloaded a new novel to knit to  titled  A place called Here by Cecilia Ahern so tomoorow ill see me sitting watching the rain maybe and knitting lace and listening to the new book.I do like crime thriller but somehow they do not seem to jell ok with lace knitting .


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  1. How are you doing on Pi? I am ready to the border on mine now. I have really enjoyed the project and the group. It’s been fun hasn’t it?

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