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What a time I have had. Accepting I needed help moving websites and blogs around and bringing my Knitting world into my Felting world and vice versa I teamed up with EXPLOTECH.

Remember that word! At first it was fine but quickly I realised their agenda was not mine but I kept on and on explainimg the vision being emphatic it must be all ‘in-house’ at WordPress. They constantly lied to me and even asked directly lied.

All finished and I asked them if they were done and off they went.

First thing the header is wrong so I go into WordPress to alter it – I know WordPress a lot and the guys will help me if I am stuck

I am quickly stuck and sinking up to my knees in ELEMENTOR which I have no clue it’s like a foreign language and here is the sickening moment when the WordPress guys tell me that EXPLOTECH have used a plug in and my lovely tech guys at WordPress don’t support them so cannot help you even though I have shelled out for Premium Pro service.

Now what I can read all the words see all the imagery it’s just how it’s all joined up scrambles my brain. Closing everything down I give myself a ‘ tough’ chat ( cry)

Right I re-read and re-watch the instructional video until finally the penny starts to drop and YES I can alter my site to reflect my vision. It took me hours but I have done it. What have I learnt ‘ IF something looks too good to be true like EXPLOTECH then it usually is. Nick and Dave are not their real names and I hope to never come across them again. TRUST your gut instinct you know it will not let you down. Work on getting my money back – you bet I will.

If at first you don’t succeed Try and Try again

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