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My 2007 Resolutions

Ok so yesterday was supposed to be the most miserable of the year –heck we are not yet 3 weeks in.

For me it was ok there was time in the day for Yarn to be included along with cooking,got out of shopping  the Dr did it bless him. played about with some seriously beautiful alpaca which felt like i imagine knittting with double cream would feel.Got me to thinking how differing yarns give me differing vibes .alpaca and cashmere and certain merinos just do it for me and I feel warm and happy and hmmm.Ribbon yarns in bright colours and somehow I am on hols with my two offshoots. Certain colours invoke cetain memories too and there is a turqouise that to me is Cephalonia and I can smell the sea remember the books I read and what a great time I had there ,yet equally I tried to recreate that feeling in a wire jewelry piece and it did not give me the same  impact a skein of yarn does.

So grey January days do your damndest I will just go and curl up where I am pleased to say yarn spills from every surface ,drawer,table and container giving out its splashes of colour and textures to touch so my dreaming can carry on.

ready to go to bed and the new one is jst a gleam in my eye.

Gave offshoot 2 a knitting kit at Christmas and Mother and I have knit it!!!.

She is a beautiful knitter would just love to see her do more and more and basically join the club–she is holding on to her sanity at the moment though.

Snow has got to come otherwise I will sulk until next winter ,going to Sweden in April and no doubt there will be no snow there either –so apologies ‘tongue in cheek’ to all commuters but just 2 days of snow will have me a happy bunny.

On a more serious note whilst the yarn sales are on, remember to think about basics you may need and do check over all your needles especially wooden ones.There is a rumour going round you should not knit with wire on wooden needles so to stop any more phone calls to me –I stand by what I do myself and use bamboo and wood even my rosewood needles when I work my wire ,in fact my crochet hooks are wooden too. Also no wrapping wire round needle please cast on correctly and bind off correctly as well.

Last item on this post is to find 4 more ways to knit a sock!!!!!joking

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