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new slipper kits

Now to the men in your life Ladies! enough attention has been paid to womens slippers/pumps and not enough to the men .This time let us head just for the knitted versions but with an extra twist of  having a leather sole now these have been a long time in the design process and getting the copyright etc —–after the felted slipper saga all my work goes through copyright before being released and I recomend it to all knitters ,copying is rife especially now with the world getting small erand smaller and as a copier will even copy your way of pattern writing you are on a hiding to nothing trying to prove they have copied you–so be prepared.I have yet  to decide whether these are going out as kits or as patterns –watch this space

2 Replies to “new slipper kits”

  1. How on earth do you go about getting copyright? I thought all you had to do was publish the pattern with the “c” symbol your name and the date and then that was it.

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