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Over the worst

Well it is now 2 weeks since my shoulder operation and I can just about hold the needles without pain Some of the yarns released for 2006 Autumn are just brilliant and one that i have tried quite a lot before the op was Twilleys Spirit and it works well and felts divinely,which is a bonus.

Tried some of the new Trendsetter Yarns coming into the country and have written some patterns for bags Ordered some wool from Flying Fingers just love that name and a real cool pair of needles only 1 size available though do not understand that.Beautiful translucent purple,seems a shame to put yarn on them.

It is like the yarn you buy that you do not have a use for at that moment(atm) remember this phrase I use it a lot–but you have to listen to it whispering’take me home take me home’ and that is it off you go again beginning the stash pile of needing but not ‘atm’..

DAlthough hand knitting is my love I need to know how to get the most and the best from this equipment,So away to Jeanette Spendler’s studio we go.At the moment in pain but will be posting  again when this pain session goes and typing is less annoying

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