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Post Glaramara

OK so it is 9.30pm Sunday and wow do I miss you guys always feel like this after a gathering of fellow felters and we so have a good time and very creative it all is.
Went one further this visit and started to spin yes spin and I have bought myself a spinning wheel, the new Sonata- but it is a bit like bringing a new baby home you think you can cope and remember it all but it is so different when you are on your own.Still i will persevere and read all i can and book a spinning course asap.
the summer sun is on its way to be enjoyed and the earth to be tended, oh I need sun on my skin I feel like I have rising damp this winter.new yarns are out htere to be enjoyed and i intend to do a review of those I have used.I am into socks at the moment and sock yarns and good needles to use.My favourites are Brittany 5″ dp at the moment my friend Lisa made me a fab holder for them which has been much admired. Headaches aside I am feeling good after the break and ready to get all my jobs done and the knitting pins busy.

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