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So to recap both shoulder straps are now worked and the neck opening and I continue now to knit down the front and back for 9 inches to the armhole.

Into armholes go sleeves and I am going to start my sleeves from the top and pick the stitches up around the opening  You will take a piece of waste yarn that matches the knitting worked and using a size smaller needle we will place the needle tip from the right side through to the wrong and pick up a loop from the waste yarn piece ,I am going 2 rows in from the edge stitch and we go in via a bar between stitches but we only take 3 for every 4 we could take .

I am going to be working short rows to get a good fit at the top of the arm.I then want to work these sleeves circulary.

Here you can see the waste yarn and the stitches collected equally either side of the shoulder seam 

If you do this after knitting down to the armhole length then obviously you will collect all your stitches but I am racing ahead and am going to do the short rows as Igo along with my garment length.My aim is to be able to post avery half done sweater to Kev so he can try on and also see how the shoulder and sleeve fit.We now see the sleeve top start to take shape here.

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