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Snow snow and more snow

The new CD Design bag
new CD Design bag

Just a taster and some colour on this white white day,this bag is the foundation of the new Chrissie Day bags so watch this space —

Well I am getting tired of snow now as it is preventing me doing the chores that have to be done and the things I wish to do ,like calling on old acquaintances to talk yarn and felting and felted slippers etc .Funny I always think of slippers when it snows, today I have a bright pink pair on from one of my earlier patterns .Yesterday when it was icy cold I wore my Lopi felted slippers they are so warm I remember sitting with Janine at Glaramara years ago when slippers were being produced like a factory .I cannot think how many pairs I have knit or designed since then or even how many differing yarns and variation on a theme there must be .

Remembered today to do all my ACID membership stuff now that is one very good organisation to belong to and if you have ever been worried about your work being copied then I do recomend it to you.With images you can of course make sure you have your copyright registered and even if you put them on flickr they are logged as being copyrighted and you get a link attached to them.

I have taken now to logging all my patterns even before they go off to publishers and magazines  just as an extra precaution –we live in strange times .

Back to slippers and warmtoes yesterdsay I met a very special young lady who will be 1 year old on Sunday called Holly.Her Mother had bought a pair of knitted shoes designed by me actually a special order I did and she visited me and it was a delightful time I was given a lovely Thank you card with a cat with attitude on wearing a tiarra .

Holly would have been a very clever girl to know that at the moment I am busy designing my daughters tiarra for her big day in May.

If jewelry is a passion for you as well as yarn pop over to http://www.beadilicious.wordpress.com and see what I am doing over there.

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