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What a strange and very sad year this is turning out to be .We have had some nice sunny days and the gardens look good but once again the family is facing another funeral as this week Nigel’s father Derek has died .To say we feel lost is an understatement and life will be different without him around .Once again the family gather to draw strength from each other and say our goodbyes .

Last week we met Katie’s family in a most beautiful part of Suffolk, I was quite drawn to the area and to the history –more than drawn,as I  have allready done some research now .The church fascinates me and the flint work and the whole mysterious church yard.

My geometric bead designing has taken a lot of my time lately

I have purchased new software which has made the patttern writing a lot easier for the beading designs,  Lots of summer still to come.

Till we meet again keep clicking and enjoy the summer .To all my American readers and friends Happy Independence  Day Weekend .

The photos on this post were taken on Suommenlinna an island in Finland the lilac was incredible and also this bird which followed our boat nearly all the way there.This island is incredible and has an amazing light  would love to go back for longer

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