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No matter where I am teaching the one thing students all want to learn all the time are Techniques.Colour techniques, Shaping, Directional,Lace,Aran,Steeking,to name a few categories.
Starting tiny 3 st beginnings to make fine tiny lace circles for your shawl,incorporating techniques and style from foreign shores or past times.Mastering,Aran,Intarsia,Lace,Top Down no seam garments,gloves,mitts,socks,hats,doubleknitting,fairisle the list goes on and on and each generation searches for more and more to learn.The world becomes smaller in research terms with the internet giving us all access to documents and museum pieces is so much easier than in the past.Adding techniques from one country to well loved items of our homeland ie braided bands and split welts onto our English mitts and gloves.
Images can be texted over to you in the wink of an eye,no more waiting weeks for return mail which you then had to translate.
I now teach my most favourite techniques,those that have captured me and caught my imagination to explore further and watch others get equally captivated.
Again on Fano and Inverness and maybe Norway I will lead my foray into the ‘Doubleknitting’ adventure along with knitting as many mini shawls as we can to discover the geometric shapings behind them.Knitting the Moubius is another well loved class and this year I will add in my new technique Marltarsia. I call this new as I can find no earlier reference to this style of colourwork either here or abroad.
The list for Fano Strikke festival will go up in March and again it will be 1st come 1 st served,with only 2 days and 3 sessions it is not hard to do the maths although every year I increase the class size.

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