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thank you

Very many thanks for all the emails ..I noticed over the hols and reading all the american blogs that the habit of adding a comment is much stronger there than here Been wishing for snow but as we all know it ain’t a lot of use wishin’ sometimes ,it has not happened and January is half way through .I have been treating myself to some very posh yarn from a company of the same name -Beautiful yarn, beautiful colours and a very clever selling technique–you cannot buy anything until 6pm Sunday and then it is madness,but I love it it makes it all so exciting — do think I would cry though if I missed out on my choice, because as soon as I spot something the old cogs start whirring away and I can already picture that yarn on my needles .Missing my children whom I saw over  holidays I will be like this now for a few more weeks yet then i will get over it.

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