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I have been very conscious about time lately and how much we do not respect it in our every day lives. I have done so much yet so little for 2 months and sometimes feel I have a mountain to get over to get on yet time pulls me up and makes me just want to sit a while and enjoy the moment .

It is these moments I have been trying to put into stitch and words.A couple of weeks ago I met my neighbours new born son of 2 days, and as I gazed at him I had the impression he knew more than I did allready as he lay there so peaceful yet so knowing .

It is going to be a strange Christmas the first without my father in law ,my daughter sad as her fiance is away and my son will be leaving for his future inlaws on Christmas morning .My perfect Christmas  would be to have  all in the family in one huge house all together for the holiday week what fun that would be .

So my 2 new books are on the shelves and I think we should be using hot water bottles again and turning off the heating so have a look for a new cover to inspire you or look in the othe one for an inspiration for a new pair of socks.

Try and find time in the next few days to give yourself a present of some time to just enjoy the time.  My Christmas wish and prayer is for Peace for all .Merry Christmas .

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