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I took an opportunity to brush up on Transfer Printing from the artist Angie Hughes. Twice during book writing days I missed meeting up with Angie so it was lovely to meet up on line.

I have Angie’s book Stitch, Cloth Paper and Paint which I often dip into.

Transfer powders arrived and I was all prepared and praying the internet would not let me down.Three hours flew by and in no time I was just busy prepping linen and cotton and looking at my small samples of cloth from Whaley’s

Transfer ink on paper left to dry
Beautiful blues drying
Yellow background with blue alliums on top onto linen.
Garden fern used to create a positive and a negative print
Block print on Kunin felt
Blue Prints taking on the yellow background and turning green

I learnt a lot experimenting myself and I need to create deeper colours, though having said that the most amazing occurrence was whilst doing the hot press, when I placed an Ikea ‘pure cotton’ tea cloth to protect my ironing board and the prints which came on there were amazing. Perhaps the cloth was polyester cotton.

The most exciting samples were on the small man made fabric samples from Whaleys and I will certainly be ordering more especially the viscose linen and the beautiful voile.

My next experiment will be thickening this transfer paint to enable me to print with it or even screen it.

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