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What I would tell my Teenage Self


What would I look back and say to her – the girl known as ‘Jet‘ for her long jet black hair. The girl always in trouble for arguing the toss and fighting against injustice.

Maybe smile more

Not Happy

I would say try hard to change things but keep your head down whilst you do it. Question your belief that your elders maybe do know better sometimes but don’t be pushed into things. If things are important then fight for them like your longing to be an artist / you let yourself be talked out of it. Again travel you were talked out of that but so wanted to go to Montreal. You never questioned your parents and you should do if you feel you should.

Read more a pastime that was always frowned on when you had your nose in a book reading of faraway lands and people.

Belief in your own believes, you always felt certain ‘deja vue’ moments and shrugged them off until you met others with the same thoughts. Now you know it’s true what you imagined a life time ago.

So summing up I would say ‘Believe In Yourself ‘ in every single thing and appreciate age is not a guarantee of being the wisest. Respect your elders but don’t fool yourself they know all the answers.

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