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new knitting

img_3845_edited-1.jpgWell here is a piccie of the new scarf  and  in this yarn it is going to look so cool,I love all the colours interplaying with each other and the way it changes depending on the twist of the pattern –being silk it will be lovely as the weather warms up yet you  still feel like having something around your neck.

By delving back into all my pattern manuals from earlier studious times I am finding pattern drafts I had forgotten about and blocks that I had done .

 inspiration was my vegetable patch and how I want to redo it and have crisssrossed paths interlaced with my herbs. It was drawing this out that started the shawl and with the first 18 rows drafted up and bed time looming –the rest will have to wait until morning.

I am actually using a 4mm needle which is quite a heavyweight for me with lace but we will see how it goes .

 My good friend Emma is 6 months pregnant and we wait the arrival of her son with delight.Emma wants to start a baby pram blanket and I have just the right yarn for her from Filatura which is pure bliss to work with. She is a very competent knitter but maybe not adventurous but this yarn I know will inspire her and I have drafted that pattern as well today.

Sunshine has been with us all day today, the poor old greenhouse got such a shock she lost a pane of glass and yep we now have a frost forecast tonight –is that my early start plan ruined .

Also been doing lots of sewing as well the last few days reinventing the bag haha–

if you like bag making go and visit my good friend Lisa over at

 http://www.u-handbag.com there you will find professional tutorials re bags and purses making which are designed to help everyone not just show ioff a talent .

Her website shop has amazing fabric and I can never resist the odd metre or so to put by ‘in case’.So pop on over and go visit Lisa.

So from an English country garden Goodnight America wherever you all are .My geography is certainly improving these days as I go cyberwise across the States visiting my new friends .

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