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Autumn is arriving 

Summer for me ends tonight as I arrive home and see so many changes, leaf colours, heather changing on the hills. Summer prepares to retire and the long days start to wane, it’s time to banish the summer’s end blues and prepare for my very favourite time of year, is this because it is the season of my birth?
Russet-coloured river walks, Apple-pie, cosy crackling fires at home,  conker games, and rain, rain and more rain: roll on Autumn! Will it be an Autumn to remember will the snows come?
Traveling through Scandinavia at this time of year both excites and stimulates me. A new book ready to go into photography and another in planning keeps me busy but it is my beloved Granddaughters who show me all the time how quickly time passes. I adore seeing them develop and grow, becoming little personalities with such a thirst for knowledge and a deep desire to make sense of what’s around them. Abi held her own little knitting needles for the first time this visit and the look on her face will be imprinted in my memory for ever.
Fano knitting festival happens next week and I adore it, soon followed by the new Loch Ness knit fest in Inverness where I shall also teach.
The song ‘What A wonderful world ‘plays in my mind.I look forward to seeing you all in Fano Inverness or in my studio, enjoy Autumns rich tapestry.

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