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Phoenix is a flat city with an equally uninteresting street layout. So why, then, is its grid classified as 'iconic'? Well, it's the closest thing you will find to absolute…


See my story of the knitwear in Knitwear created with yarn with Provenance. Total traceability to fine organic fleece.

Winter Skies 

Winter skies and frosty mornings are the order of the day now.I love winter ,I find the time spent in qiuet reflection and time to design rewarding and after Christmas…

Autumn,Knitting and Travel.

I love this time of year the mists,the sunshine everyone loves,the sparkling  spiders webs between autumnal coloured leaves glowing and tempting.A hectic month since I last wrote which started with…

Winters coming 

Since my hand was so badly damaged last year I have tried not to think too much  of the pain that cold weather brings. On a positive note pretty wrist…


Today travelling closer to the Pyrenees we saw Andie and Adriaan of Rennaissance Dyers and enjoyed a pleasant hour looking at her amazing set up before our spending spree and…

Days of Summer

The breeze is warm,the sun hot,and the atmosphere is one of lazy lazy holiday feeling as I meet up with my dear friend Charity and her family at her home…

Pennine Skies 

Inspired  by the book  Sequence Knitting my shawl/ wrap is knit using my Harwood Heritage wool in its 2 shades of Shale and Snow Kit available soon


My blog is written to share insight into my world as a knitting designer and fibre artist. Constantly I am asked 'what inspires you ' and I answer 'my travels,…

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